Without any chemistry or Cosmetic knowledge, Is it possible to make cosmetics by just following the instruction like mix Phase 1 to Phase 2 etc. ?
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    Depends. Some products are like making spaghetti (add spaghetti and salt to boiling water, wait 10' and enjoy), others are more of a Michelin star 5 course molecular cuisine menu.
    So, it depends on what you want to make, why (for whom), and how much. Even if cooking spaghetti seems foolproof, cooking good spaghetti, let alone for hundredth of people at once... if you're single and cook for yourself and your pet mini pig, they will be eaten with great pleasure no matter how good or bad a cook you turn out to be :smiley: .
  • Can you recommend short online courses? 
  • 1Armand2 said:
    Can you recommend short online courses? 
    there is a course here on chemistcorner based in usa

    there's also formulabotanica in uk and institute of personal care science in aus.

    each has their pro and cons depending on what you want to learn
  • You need basic knowledge of chemistry to formulate. I would argue that formal chemistry education isn’t an absolute must provided a person is willing to read and isn’t planning to apply to places like L’Oreal as a formulator. In theory, you don’t need to be a chemist to follow instructions, but majority of formulas shared online (including suppliers’ formulas) are not good. You need to understand why you are mixing phases. What is in those phases, why you shouldn’t mix certain things etc etc. The most affordable way to learn formulating is to get a subscription to swiftcraftymonkey blog. It’s just $1 per month. She is good at O/W and syndets, she doesn’t do w/o.
    And archive of this forum is a treasure.
  • Thank you for that! 
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