Feedback on my niacinamide "toner"?

Hello- I am just getting started studying cosmetic chemistry to formulate for myself/friends/family. My first attempt is a simple "toner" - no cleansing desired; just brightening and hydrating. Two questions: since everything is water-soluble, I don't need a solubilizer or antioxidant, correct? Do I need a chelating agent with this small amount of aloe concentrate? Any other feedback? Thank you so much! 

Distilled water 83.05
Niacinamide 5
Urea 5
Aloe Vera concentrate (10x)  1
Glycerin 2.5
Propanediol 2.5
Allantoin 0.25
Hexanediol 0.7

Lactic acid to adjust pH to 5.5


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