Testing Hair Formulation On Hair Swatches?

I’m currently testing leave-in conditioner formulations and while I’ll occasionally use my hair as a test dummy with basic formulations, do you think I’ll get viable results from on wefts of human hair? 

Is it possible to test hair formulations on hair extensions of varying textures? I actually just read an article about testing moisture absorption of a product by weighing the hair sample and then applying product to one sample and having a control, letting each dry for at least 2 days before weighing each and weighing each every two days. I’m not sure how viable this option is but it would save me a hell of a lot of time and give me clearer feedback. 

Human hair extensions really mimic hair growing from the scalp in terms of reacting to styles and reverting depending on its initial texture.

Would love to know your thoughts and suggestions. 


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