Amodimethicone with/without pq10 in Shampoo

Is it better to use Amodimethicone as only conditioning ingredient in SLES/CAPB Shampoo or with polyquaternium 10 or cationic guar? 


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     I used poly quat 10 in 0/5 %. it was good but not perfect, but i was wondering if Amodimethicone can solve in shampoo easily or it needs to be emulsifed?
  • @chemistry8303 hello 
    I currently use pq10 too but want to use Amodimethicone too. I want to know if it is a good idea to use it alone or with PQ10.

    Some say pq10 helps silicone deposition. Some say it compets with Amodimethicone for negative charge. I am confused
  • I have Amodimethicone and i know it can't solve easily. it can use for another hair care product. but you can use 'PEG 12 dimethicone'  as softening agent in shampoo. it can solve in it.

  • @chemistry8303 ;
    Which viscosity Amodimethicone do you have? 
    Interestingly in dimethicone the lower the viscosity the higher the price but in Amodimethicone the higher the viscosity the higher the price. 

    Viscosities 1500, 2000, 3000, 10000, 30000 and 100000cps is available to choose from. I don't know which one has better conditioning. 
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     Hi @Abdullah
    I have the Silok 2400 one.
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