mixing pH

Making a hydrating lotion and the pH came out at 3.5
I understand I can raise the pH through Triethanalomine, Sodium Hydroxide or Arginine which I have just learnt. 
I used citric acid as a chelating agent but understand it also can decrease the pH a small amount. Is it ok to keep citric acid in the product and up the pH with one of the above 3 ingredients or will that  just make them work against each other.

For the sake of it ingredients were:
Aqua                      67%
Glycerin                  4%
Xanthan Gum         0.5%
Cetearyl Olivate Sorbitan Olivate (Olivem 1000) 4%
Glyceryl Stearate     2%
Cetyl Alcohol          2%
Shea Butter             1.5%
Macadamia Oil        4%
caprylic capric triglyceride  5%
Vitamin E                0.3%
Glyceryl Caprylate/glyceryl undecylenate (plantaserv N) 1% 
Lemon Lime Frag    0.3%
Citric Acid               0.2%

Also after watching the Preservatives webinar yesterday I think I will add a second preservative, both at half level.




  • Water is 75.2 percent sorry. Not 67.
  • @crillz Citric acid is a pH regulator rather than a chelator. Sodium citrate (which is the salt formed after neutralizing Citric acid with Sodium hydroxide) is a chelator, but for that you need to raise pH above 6.4 (so carboxylic groups are proton-free and can properly interact with metallic ions). 

    When you add an additional preservative, make it an antifungal since the system you're using lacks of activity against mold and yeast. 
  • Thanks ketchito, I thought citric acid did both. Will do with the preservative
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