Sodium stearate

Hello Everyone 
I Can't find sodium stearate in my country ; I need it to make a solid shower gel .
Is there any substitution ? Or any other way to get to my purpose? 
Thank you all


  • Sodium Stearate is made from Sodium Hydroxide and Stearic Acid.  Are both of those available in your country?  If so then you should be able to make it yourself.
  • As David has mentioned, really. Easy enough. Just be mindful of saponification values to make sure you haven't any excess NaOH in your sodium stearate.
    Otherwise it might be listed as 'stearic acid, sodium salt' or 'sodium octadecanoate'.
  • Thank you.

  • I searched on the internet but could not find the accurate value and method to make it as a powder .
    Any help ?
  • In essence, you are making a soap out of Stearic Acid and Sodium Hydroxide so you need to find an online lye calculator, put in the amount of Stearic Acid you wish to use and it will calculate the amount of Sodium Hydroxide needed based on the SAP value of Stearic Acid:

    Stearic Acid SAP Value:.148 /.208

    Here is a well-known calculator which is fairly easy to use!

    Good luck!
  • Thank you very much 
    Really appreciate it 
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