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I just want to verify something.  I have finally found several shaving cream formulas requiring Tea Stearate added to the oil phase.  Creating Tea Stearate isn't discussed from what I can find.  I found one source that indicates that it is created with triethanolamine, stearic acid and H2O.  Can I assume that this is correct and process it as such until all the water has evaporated and the Tea Stearate remains?  How much H2O should I use?

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    @David08848 Teastearate is a soap so nothing special to make it.
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    I did a search and found this:

    This section of this study seemed to help me find my answer:

    2.2. Preparation of Stearic Acid and TEA Stearate Mixtures. Stearic acid was melted at 80C in a water bath.TEA was then added slowly to the melt at 80C while being stirred. The temperature of the mix was then increased up to 95C to obtain an isotropic solution. The solution was then cooled and solidified in an ambient environment. The resulting solid was ground down to form a powder. The powder was stored in a closed container for at least 7 days before it was analyzed. This preparation method has been used previously toprepare alkali acid soap crystals.
  • If you are making a lotion you can just add TEA to the water phase and Stearic Acid to the oil phase.
  • If you are making a lotion you can just add TEA to the water phase and Stearic Acid to the oil phase.
    Thanks again!  I think you made a point that I didn't get at the time.  Although you can make a lotion by heating up the stearic acid and adding the triethanolamine to it until it becomes saponified and hard then either grind it into a powder to use or melt the tea stearate in the oil phase until is has dissolved. 

    However, the TEA can be put into the water phase which is then added into the oil phase containing stearic acid and processed until it is saponified as you would to create a lotion or vanishing cream.  For a shaving cream it would require that this would be your first phase and the rest of the oils and other fatty acids could be added to it and lye's to your water and stir and combine to create a second phase to complete the process after being added to the first phase and homogenized!  Seems like an easier option, thanks ngarayeva001!
  • You are welcome. I don’t use tea stearate often but I make old fashioned cold cream sometimes and use it as described above. Works pretty well :)
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