Best equipment for pharmaceutical formulation?


I'm wondering what would be the ideal equipment to use for a cough syrup formulation?

Between 65/85% Simple Syrup USP used as the main vehicle.

Methyl and Propyl Parabens used as preservatives.
7% Ethanol 

Would a basic overhead stirrer suffice or should I be looking at high shear rotor/stator homogenisers? 

Currently I've been testing different ingredients and proportions of ingredients with a basic laboratory magnetic hotplate stirrer however I do not feel this is working adequately.

Once bottled and left to sit I notice slight sedimentation which requires shaking to disperse.

Additionally prior to bottling I run the finished product through a filter sieve which also picks up sedimentation or undissolved/leftover particles. This is what makes me think a high shear homogenizer is what I need?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!


  • Anyone?

    I've just purchased a Silverson I think it's model was the LR2 so hoping that it will suffice but can't find much information on this particular model in terms of max capacity or rpm etc so will have to see when it arrives on Monday!
  • @Jakethedog I believe Silverson LR2 will be enough for the task. But also check if there are no other interactions that would be making the sedimentation, or perhaps the order of addition.
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