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Hello Forum Members, I am new to this forum and thankful to Admin who allow me to share my thoughts and problems here. In Liquid Detergent formulation, i have faced problem related to color and perfume stability. After 4 weeka of manufacturing Liquid color and fragrance reduces drastically. Please suggest better solution for this problem. 


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    You'll need to provide more information about your formula (like ingredients and levels) if you want to get any useful responses.
  • I am using LAS, Sodium Hydroxide, SLES, CAPB, Optical Brighteners, Glycerin, Nacl, RO Water, Colour and Perfume for Laundry Liquid Detergent. But after sometimes of manufacturing the colour reduces and fly away and fragrance also turn... 
  • What about formulating measurements, it's essential for you to get quality solution
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    Try a different colour and fragrance. Some fragrances and colours are just not stable. Ask your supplier for suggestions based on your ingredients and pH.

    The Liquitint dyes are good for laundry detergents.
  • Hi Nilesh. I had the same issue with a floor cleaner some time ago. The problem with neutralizing Sulfonic acid (LAS) with Sodium hydroxide is that LAS is a weak organic acid and Sodium hydroxide is a strong inorganic base. The result is not a complete neutralization but an equilibrium, and in this system, pH tends to go down. The first sufferers are dyes (which shades depend on pH) and fragrances (if your fragrance is not designed for a more acidic system). What I did is to stop pH shift by adding Sodium carbonate, which serves as an alkalinity reservoir (being able to capture two H+ protons). Sodium citrate could work as well. So, to finally determine this is the same situation, I'd advise you to check if the pH at the beginning and when the system appeared, varied noticeably. 
  • @ketchito, Thanks for your valuable guidance. But I already maintained PH of liquid detergent and set at 7. 
  • @Nilesh May I ask which preservative are you using (and at which dose)?
  • The type of preservative you are using may cause  it and the mixing time, you have to mix your detergent properly and allow the temperature to come down before adding preservative and color
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