Unusual Men's Facial Product!


I just happened on this product online and it looked interesting.  Like some sort of light coverup facial skin product for men so I looked up all the sources I could find but it is made in Shanghai in China and has no ingredients list and I'm not even sure what you would call this!  If you have some knowledge of what this might be or what it is made out of, I would appreciate your input!

Thanks so much!



  • Unless is magic, i think is a fake... 
    They dont give any details about the product ingredients. The pictures are not clear. Also, without pigments i dont know how that white cream can even the skin color and hide the imperfections.
    I think is too good to be true.. 
  • I haven't encountered anything like this before and I guess that there could be a few products out there that are fakes.  I was just wondering if it was some sort of "vanishing cream" like existed a hundred years ago.  Those were simple formulas and I think they did what they set out to do without all the bells and whistles that are in modern day formulas and I prefer to keep my formulas as simple as possible, as long as they can perform properly.  Thanks for your input!
  • It's VENZEN, a Chainese brand.
    The version sold in Asia and Russia have Chinese font on the bottle and every things on the box is in Chinese. And i'm quit sure there is no LOI on their boxes. they have whole array of products.
    I can get this one for $3 + free shipping. Amazing right? :)  :) :)
  • Thanks for your replies.  I did notice and VENZEN brand name and the Estee Lauder looked interesting...with 51 ingredients!
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