Formula help, clay mask - preservative

Hello everyone, 

Thank you for letting me into the group. I wanted to get some help with a formula for a clay mask that I am developing. I know that clay masks are notoriously difficult to preserve, however, this is my passion and really want to get this right!

This is the formula:


0.4% Xanthan gum

0.1% citric acid

0.1% vitamin A 

4% Dipropylene glycol 

4% Vegetable Glycerin


heat water to 50oC 

40% Aqua 

1% Panthenol


3% Rosa Demascena Flower Water

5% Aloe barbadensis Juice

2% Hamamelis virginiana 

0.2% Tocopherol 

0.1% Parfum

0.2 Potassium Sorbate

0.8% Benzyl Alcohol

1% Phenoxyethanol

 2% Allantoin

28% French Pink Clay

1% Botanicals

I wanted to know if this is a good formula and if it will preserve the clay with these percentages and method. Any tips improving how well the clay will preserve and any changes I need to make with the percentages.

Thank you so much in advance! 


  • What type of clay, clay differs in attributes when formulating
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