Best suitable pH of Shampoo and Conditioner

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here I want to know the best suitable pH for developing Shampoo and Conditioner. My shampoo will be sulfate free and conditioner will be rinse off.

Please suggest things to be keep in mind while developing these products in terms of its cleansing, foaming, conditioning, viscosity and pH.


  • For adult hair care routine average and suitable pH range would be 4,5. Perhaps the shampoo could be a little higher (5,0 - 5,5).
    In my opinion most critical reason to think of pH would be preservation! Chose wisely your preservative system and make sure it fits your pH range.
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    It depends on the ingredients, not all surfactants tolerate low pH ;) . There is seldom a 'best' in cosmetics but a middle ground and a bunch of opinions of people with completely opposite expectations and demands.
    The right question would be: What is the best for me (followed with as many helpful informations as possible).
  • Thanks Pharma for your comment.

    I have seen three kind of shampoo in terms of pH, i.e. acidic, neutral and basic.
    My question is that what are the reasons of development of these three? How and which can be used when? Which can be used daily?
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    bsingle said:
    ...My question is that what are the reasons of development of these three?...
    Honestly, I guess most manufacturers don't actually care about pH beyond product stability & appearance... but that's just my impression. @Perry is the go-to guy for shampoos.
  • Thank you so much Perry. I have gone through the link you shared, its really helpful and appreciable.

    Thanks all again. 
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