Lab equipment supplier in Australia?

Hi All,

Can someone recommend a company / rep to get advice and to buy IKA overhead stirrers from in Australia?
 Batch size will be up to 20l, so I’d also love suggestions of other stirrer brands if anyone has a brand they use or prefer that is more cost effective? Thanks!!


  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    We have used Australian Scientific for our lab supplies. I know they sell IKA stirrers.

    Heidolph is also another reputable brand.

    Also look for second hand dealers such as Fallsdell and Techtrader for used equipment which is often sold at a fraction of the original price.

  • Awesome, thanks so much @ozgirl!
  • Caframo is a good cost effective solution. Not sure if it is available in your area. I was able to source used machines, around 5 of them through LabX, a couple of years ago. 

    I find IKA slightly overpriced for the specs many stirrers provide. I really have a strong preference for Heidolph. The Hei-torque series is absolutely incredible.

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