MG-60 or a natural/naturally derived substitute

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Hello everyone,

I was hoping I could get some help with an issue I have. I'm working on a project which consists of a surfactant based gel cleanser but I'm missing a key ingredient which I can't find to purchase, nor would the manufacturer send me a sample.
The ingredient is MG-60 (INCI: Maltooligosyl GlucosideHydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate) and its main function is as a texturizer, but it also has added benefits of being a foam quality and richness enhancer, anti-inflammatory, moisture retention promoter and cell protection provider. I need it mainly for its texturizing and foam enhancing properties.
Has anyone worked with this ingredient? Would anyone know where I might find to purchase it or if none of the above, does anyone know of a suitable natural-derived substitute for it by any chance?



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    That is a Hayashibara ingredient sold in the US by DKSH North America. I've never heard of it. Sounds like Saccharides City there, which makes sense for foam enrichment. Happy trails.
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    Thank you, chemicalmatt for replying. Could you maybe suggest a suitable natural/naturally derived alternative to MG-60 if you know of any? Any ideas? 
  • @tamicet what do you mean naturally derived? That MG-60 sounds pretty naturally derived to me. Seems like there is a chain of maltose and glucose and broken down starch. All “natural” in my book.

    If you give people here a clearer definition of what you will consider natural or naturally derived you’ll get better answers. Maybe you mean something with a simpler or less scientific sounding name? 

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    @letsalcido Thanks for your reply. Sorry, maybe I didn't make make myself clear. Since I don't own a company and the manufacturers will not consider me eligible for a sample and I can't find to purchase MG-60 in small quantities, I need a substitute for MG-60 which is also naturally-derived and that is also a texturizer and foam quality enhancer, on the same lines just like you explained for MG-60. 
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    @chemicalmatt I realised I hadn't tagged you in my previous reply to you, so I just wanted to tag you here to thank you for answering my query.
  • @tamicet glyceryl caprylate/caprate is easy to find and has similar function as the MG-60 you mention here.

    It helps (supposedly, I haven’t tried it myself) with thickening, foam stability and refattening in surfactants.

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    @letsalcido Thank you for your suggestion...I'll give it a try :)
  • I've seen them being sold by repackers on Taobao (China), the moisturization functions overlaps with the Betaine that i had, so i didn't bother purchasing some to test out. Not sure if you have tried Betaine yet?  
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    @jemolian Thanks for your reply - I'll check them out. Yes, I have Betaine and have worked with it, and you are right about the moisturisation function. The thing is that I need the MG-60 mostly for its texurising and foam quality enhancing properties.
  • I was wondering about that so i looked at the marketing brochures again that i usually saved. Have you tried working with Betaine to see if it works for that effect? 

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    @jemolian Actually, no, I haven't thought to try it. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll make a small sample and test it to see if it comparable.
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