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I wanted to make and sell skincare products internationally via my own ecom website. I am setting up a new Lab space. Can any one guide me into what all compliance requirements should I meet.

Thank you.


  • I'm not an expert on international, but I know in the EU you will require a stability report, challenge test report and a safety assessment written by a competent assessor. You'll then need to register it on the CPNP - you'll also need someone (person or company) to act as the "Responsible Person" who is geographically located within the EU.
  • ThotaThota Member
    Thanks a lot @LincsChemist
    • Stability report can be done (should I complete 2 yrs realtime stability report?)
    • Challenge test can be done
    • Safety assessment can be done, found few by googling
    • But for CPNP should I ask a friend or where to find companies?
    No requirements to meet to sell in US, Canada and Middle East?

  • ThotaThota Member
    Thanks @EVchem

    All sites mention of selling in their country or region. 
    So companies who ship internationally doesn't have to comply with individual countries.
    But they have to comply with the local country they are registered in right?
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    that's not how I read it, the first link explicitly says for the EU you still need to comply with the regulation 1223/2009 even if you ship directly from your country to the consumer.

    That first article tells you what you should do, as to whether or not you will actually be held to those standards is a different question.
  • We manufacture and ship internationally. You must comply with the cosmetics regulations in the destination country, and have your products registered in the destination country.
    Dr. Mike Thair
    Cofounder & Chief Formulator
    Indochine Natural
  • @mikethair ;could u pls guide me where to look for that information?
    Do u do that for all the countries or do u just focus on main markets like US, Canada, Aust, Middle east and EU?
    I am based in India.
  • Hi Thota,
    I am an EU cosmetic safety assessor for Verdigris Cosmetic Solutions. I write CPSRs for products sold in the EU. In the EU you also need a Product Information File (PIF). Preservative Efficacy Test (depending on the product)

    There are some changes in the UK. After Brexit, you will need a UK based "Responsible Person". 

    Have a look at where you will find an outline of what you need to meet legal requirements. 

    You also need to be aware of differences in labelling by country/legal area. The labelling in the EU differs from that in the US.

    Kind regards,
    Dr Sara in London
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