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I am a facialist and brow specialist. I currently do 'brow perming' and want to offer a conditioning serum to my clients that helps the brows stay soft (as the perming lotion dries the hairs) but also to stimulate hair growth so clients have more brow hairs.

I have seen studies that show peppermint oil had better hair growth rates than minoxidil. In the study the peppermint oil was 3%. 

I feel that this would be extremely high for a serum that went on the brow area. Would it still be effective at lower levels?

I think essential oils max level for leave on is 1%. Would this still be effective? I think that even this may be too high as it is so close to the eye.

I would have mixed with some humectants. I know that people use castor oil on their eyebrows and I think the ricinoleic acid is why it 'works' but it is just 'claims'?

Thank you.


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    You can't believe every study published. Peppermint oil does not work better than minoxidil.  No, castor oil does not make eyebrows grow either. It's a myth that many people believe.

    In reality, there is no non-drug compounds that you can add that will make hair grow. Using essential oils at a high level around the eyes is not a good idea.

    My advice is that you stick with the conditioning serum and stay away from making any hair growth claims.
  • DLR94DLR94 Member
    @Perry great thank you! 
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