Pump selection for Bleach, High concéntrate Sodium hypoclorite


Im having troubles handling Bleach, i was ussing a Polyproplyene cast diaphagrampump with santroprene diaphahram but it broke un just two months 

Im wondering if someone has any experience or knows what kind of pump would be suitable for sodium hipoclorite 10-12% solution. I need to pump arround 3000liters/day

Thanks you very much


  • Im buying rightnow a magnétic Drive pump fron eBay, has anyone use they for corrosive liquids?
  • Cafe33Cafe33 Member
    Masterflex peristaltic pumps with the appropriate compatible tubing for the material you will be pumping. The liquid never gets into the pump. The specialty tubing can be expensive especially in the larger diameters but the pumps can be found used. 
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