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I've been searching for a tin container with a screw on cap that is about 3.3" wide and about 1.25" tall online for hours!  There are lots of resellers on Ebay and Amazon selling these at very high prices!  I saw one for $34.00 for ONE container!  Does another know of a wholesaler that sells this sort of thing?  Thanks for any help you can provide!


  • I did see these and this is the type of container I am seeking.  Unfortunately, I have a previously printed label that has to fit on the top of the screw top but it is exactly 3" in diameter and the screw top has an indentation that is smaller in width so this won't work.  A completely flat top might work or a container that is slightly larger in diameter like 3.3" or 3.4" for my label and my 3" shaving soap puck.  (also it could be tin or aluminum or a combination of both!)
    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!  
  • Where are you based? In the UK Tinplate (https://www.tinplate.co.uk/) and Tinware Direct (https://tinwaredirect.com/) are both good, they may well do international but I don't know for sure.
  • I'm in New Jersey here in the U.S.  I'm looking at the site now but haven't found any international options yet.  The shipping rates might be a problem there but I'll check that out.  Thanks again!
  • WOW!  You are amazing!  Both look like possibilities so I'll have to order a sample to make sure!  I had seen the specialty bottle option but wasn't sure about it being a "slip cover" and for some reason, I hadn't seen anything from SKS and they didn't show up on any searches and I didn't remember them even though I have purchased from them before! 

    I am assuming that the 3.23" measurement on the SKS bottle is for the container and since the lid "slips" onto it, it has to be wider than the indentation in the lid so hopefully it will be at least 3" wide or slightly larger than that which should work!  The pucks are slightly under 3" in diameter and the height is less than 1" for the pucks.  The prices are quite good for these too! 

    Thanks so much for your help on this!  I really appreciate it!
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    Unfortunately, Specialty Bottle is only selling to current registered customers right now.  Also, I texted them about the measurements of the 4 oz. container and found out that the measurements of 3.3" width and 1.1" height are "outside measurements" not inside measurements so I don't think this size would have worked for the 3" X 1" shaving soap!
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    Unfortunately, Specialty Bottle is only selling to current registered customers right now.  
    @David08848 ; What an odd way to prevent new business, why would they do this?

    well we buy extracts from this site but the have packaging as well
    https://mountainroseherbs.com/push-top-tins the 4 oz size website states should accommodate 3" label
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    David, I met a Chinese sales representative at a Mexican-Chinese Conference last year. He had some great looking samples and had done some work with some fairly large brands. Finally, I was advised not to use Tin containers because the high humidity here makes it rust very quickly.

    Mida packing products 



    Mike Mai is who I met and he speaks English very well.
    Whatsapp +86 136 2697 4219

  • Again, I appreciate all of these responses. 

    Uline has tin plated "metal" with an 8 oz. container that is 3 1/8 x 2" - a little tall but possible.

    The Chinese products may have some options but typically I buy US made whenever possible.  It is good to know about the rusting but I don't know if would apply too much to this kind of product?

    Mountain Rose Herbs is a familiar name going back quite a long time.  The three smaller sizes of theirs are made in China and have an indentation in the cap but the largest one, has a "1 1/16” height, 3 1/16” in diameter and can accommodate a 3” diameter circle label"and has a flat top with no indentation and is made in the US.  The given diameter of this container being 3 1/16" has got to be for the base and the lid that slides on top of the base has to be even larger than that!  This probably applies to almost all of these but the companies aren't going to list it that way!

    Paper Mart has a 1 1/4 ''/3 1/8 '' and 4 oz which in small quantities is over $1.00

    My current plastic container is about 1 7/8" tall and about 2 3/8" diameter with about 5/8" headspace above the shaving soap puck.  The problem with it is it has a bottom that is curved upward and the puck rocks back and forth on it.  There seems to be all kinds of shaving soap packaging out there, some are just used as a package and the bar is removed and put into another container to use and others are used as they are, to lather the puck.  It is difficult to know which way to go with this.  Those who put this in a container and use it from that can put it back in this container to store and use it to travel with.  Those who use it to shave out of can just leave it there!

    Will check some of the older samples and remeasure their size and some may shrink a little.  I wish I could find a manual puck press to make them all the exact same size!  It's is good to know what the options are and maybe I can find a 3.5" x 1.5" tin... who knows!  Thanks again to all of you for your assistance!  I appreciate it!
  • Cafe33,

    You made a good point about the rusting of tin!  I went to a shaving message board and found posts from several people who have experienced the rusting of their tin containers (which many of them keep and use for years!) PaperMart seemed to be the only one out there offering a "rust resistant" coating on one of theirs but they don't offer a size that I could use... packaging products can be a real roller coaster ride at times!   :smirk:
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    People want reusable containers and some idealists buy products based almost entirely on packaging. Plastic Free, Compostable, Recyclable... That is what lead me to tin but after a few conversations I understood that in my area, it rusts very quickly. Have you considered kraft/cardboard paper tubes/jars? That seems to be the trend, Sephora is full of these presentations.
  • Boy, do you have that one right!  It sometimes seems that the packaging is the most important thing about the product!  There are those who review shaving products on the online message boards praising the packaging and many are impressed with fancy brand names but when they get to the actual product, their actual replies indicate that the product is OK and it become obvious that the name and presentation is more important than the actual product!  I do my best to make the best product I can, offer lots of fragrance options and all they like to do is find fault with the packaging and they are getting the product at a much lower price point than the fancy stuff!  Anyway,  I'm still considering a "rust resistant" container.  I thought about glass and then I thought about shipping a glass container... 🙄.  I currently use kraft paper fold-able boxes for soap and I could have some of them made to size and square with no openings on the top but with two side openings and put a puck inside with round pleated paper around it with a gold seal but even a manual pleated paper machine is expensive!  I want to be unique but I don't need to spend hundred or thousands of dollars to get there! :wink:

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    Well, I have spent lots of time trying to find just the right container and was going to settle on one I found from Papermart until I decided to try and verify the diameter of the inside of the top of the container and the diameter of the lower portion of the container.  The photo clearly shows that the base of the container starts to taper in at the top where the screw on top begins therefore the diameter of the inside of the very top of the container is smaller than the lower inside portion of the container but their rep claims that they are the exact same size.  Since they are not a packaging company they are probably reading the info off a spec sheet from their supplier and have never even handled one of these themselves and I don't trust their answer!  From what I've seen lots of other companies don't give this measurement either!  I can't buy a container because the bottom measurement is big enough only to find that the 3" puck of soap won't fit into the top of the container!
  • What's the diameter and height of the soaps?
  • 3" is the diameter, right?
  • The shaving soap puck is exactly 3" diameter X 1" in height.  From what I have seen most containers taper in at the neck (top) and the photos show them to be smaller at the top than at the middle to bottom of the container.
  • I gave seen straight sided containers. Have a look at http://www.dormex.co.uk/metal-bottles.html

    Dormex is in the UK but you might get hints of what to look for.🙂
  • Thank Dr_Sara, I have been looking at quite a few brands online and had a difficult time finding what I need for the price I need to pay. I have even done a major search today on Amazon for companies all over the world selling though Amazon and found a few options but nothing perfect yet! I have found that there is a "5 oz. size" metal container that is being sold by some companies that is somewhere around 3.3 inches diameter and about 1.5" height which I think would work but the price on some is OK but others have limited number for sale and I'm looking for a vendor that will always be there and that isn't always the case on Amazon.  These containers are not often used for a "full sized" object and only one description listed using it for "shaving soap"!  I'll keep looking!
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