Dishwashing liquid

Hello everybody 
I need your technical advice about a low active ingredient dishwashing liquid formula 
I have developed a dishwashing liquid formula with 7% total active matter ingredient mainly composed of 6,5 % anionic active ingredients (SLES and LABSA) 0,5 % non ionic active ingredients that I have viscose with salt
The problem is that I arrived at a salt content of 2,8% and I did not reach the desired viscosity (1500 into 2500)
My question is a follow : can I increase the % of salt and what its influence on the stability of the formula 


  • Add more SLES and it should thicken more.  This should be stable but I don't know what else you have in it?  

    Emollients / Humectants?

    Little bit more detail and I can sort you out.
  • TyssTyss Member
    I added only the preservative
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