Handwash in Powder Form


I have seen few videos on Youtube where they show how to make Handwash in Powder form and then dissolve it in 200ml of water to get the liquid handwash.

Want to know from experts, why this idea has not been popularize yet if its as simple as portrayed in those videos. 

Brief description of the method:

Mix SLES+AOS+Borax+NaCL+Parfum+Color in defined ratio to get the powder. If we improve this formula can we make acceptable quality of Handwash Powder?


  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Borax???? Do you really want to regress to 18th century methods and use toxic ingredients?
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  • Borax aside, dissolve in 200ml of water? And then just add chelator, amphoteric secondary surfactants, refattening agents, PRESERVATIVES, rheology modifiers and other materials? People on YouTube do a lot of nonsense. Anyway you can make powdered cleanser by diluting SLSa with something like talc, but that should be used in powdered form.
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