sodium benzoate and gluconolactone as a broad spectrum preservative?

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hello all! I was just about burnt out trying to find a preservative that I feel comfortable using until I found a listing on a website selling a mixture of sodium benzoate and gluconolactone as a broad spectrum preservative system for lotions. Would this be acceptable as a broad spectrum preservative? my ingredients:
-distilled water/tea/hydrosol
-Sodium benzoate & gluconolactone?^
-montanov 202
-unrefined Shea butter
-jojoba oil
-argan oil
-squalane oil 
-arrowroot powder
-possibly xanthan gum if I screw up the consistency and make it too watery

My original recipe didn't include water but I found that the consistency was still too thick and balmy because I wanted a lot of arrowroot powder so it would leave me almost completely matte. I am hoping to homogenize the oil and water mixture using an immersive blender (please let me know if this will do the trick) and montanov 202. Please let me know if you see any red flags here and thanks for the help!!

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  • you bet use at 1-1.5% w/w--ph will also buffer at 5--Geoguard Ultra Lonza benzoic acid and gluconolactone.
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