Alcohol alternative in natural facial toner

I am seeking advise as to what I may be able to use as an alternative to alcohol in a facial toner I would like to make? I have tried the formula with the alcohol & my skin immediately started burning. I have also tried other products not made by me with alcohol  & I get the same reaction. I made another toner without alcohol and my skin was fine. Is there a particular function for the alcohol to be included in toners? Thanks for any suggestion in advance 


  • What do you expect this toner to do?
  • What do you expect this toner to do?
    I expect it to be soothing, ant-aging & somewhat moisturizing.  I bought this and my skin was irritated immediately after applying
  • Toners don’t do any of what you listed. Anti-aging is a serious claim and there are just handful of ingredients with anti-aging properties all of them being over the counter drug. Soothing.. I don’t even know if it’s properly defined. Overall those are pretty useless products but if you want one you need water, preservatives and a bunch of humectants of your choice. Everything else is unnecessary, including alcohol.
  • Thanks for your response @ngarayeva001. What humectants would you recommend apart from Glycerin? I thought this toner was good as it appears many have said good reviews about it.  Hence the reason I wanted to make something similar. I would like to have something simple and won’t dry my skin or irritate it.
  • I made a simple toner with just aloe Vera juice, witch hazel & Glycerin. Will the DMAE be no use or HA?
  • Toner has got a very  muddled meaning I think. There are astringent toners which would be your alcohol, witch hazel, etc. These are actually meant to 'toughen' the skin by causing protein precipitation.

    Somehow toners also became the term for mists or refreshers that are just solutions with a few humectants, or even acid toners with some AHA/BHA.  

  • Sodium Lactate is more hygroscopic than glycerin. It's also less sticky and shouldn't be expensive.
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