Sudden Thickening of Shampoo

Good afternoon,
I figured I would bring you all some non-sanitizer related problems to diversify the forum posts.

I created a basic shampoo today with some stuff that I had laying around. Here is the formula:
Water - 63.0%
Cocamidopropyl Betaine (30%) - 23.4%
Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (39%) - 10.3%
Polyquaternium 7 - 1%
Sepimax Zen - 1%
Phenonip - 0.8%
Fragrance - 0.5%
Citric Acid - pH 5.5

Basically, all was going well until I added the preservative (a blend of multiple parabens) when suddenly, the product thickened to a near unusable point.

My question is: Was the thickening caused by the addition of the paraben blend? If so, what would you advise as a solution? Use less preservative (it is for personal use only)? Remove the Sepimax and rely on the parabens for thickening?



  • Is the pH the same before and after adding the parabens? Some acrylate thickener might be thickened by increasing pH.
  • @Jennycat
    I will check my sample's pH.
    Thinking about it, that would make sense.

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