How to formulate with Carnauba Wax?

Please accept my gratitude for all of your support in my threads for commenting and pointing directions. 

Kindly help me to find out how to incorporate Carnauba wax in Car Wash Shampoo.

I researched all over internet and I have seen the end page in search engine. There are some formulation but all of them use proprietary blends that are not reachable for me.
Now chemists corner is the only place left for me. 

Thank you very much for reading and commenting. 


  • see attached
    Thank you very much chickenskin. It is helpful. This method uses a polymer to disperse wax in the formula. I really want to know how to mix carnauba wax as emulsification. 
  • I got good results with ethoxylated lauryl alcohol, but the resulting emulsion ain't clear.

    I got a feeling that car shampoos benefit from cationics so I'll try adding some CETAC to see if it improves wax deposition or shine somehow.
  • @Gunther I heated Tridecyl Alcohol Ethoxylate and mixed wax in it. After, for testing pupose mixed it in a pre made sles, capb, water mixture. The wax isnt pure, it is wood wax. Even though I think the process worked.I have ordered t3 wax. After getting it I may be able to understand it further.

    If you could, pls share your method.

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