Nail Polish Labeling Requirements


I noticed in a store that a very famous nail polish company doesn't have the ingredient list in their bottle, for all the collections. How do they get away with that? Is there any exemption that allow them to list the ingredients in their website instead the actual product?


  • You in the US? ( towards the bottom of the list under ingredient labeling)
    Basically tiny bottles have special options to display ingredient list
  • Yes, in the US. The bottle didn't have any ingredients label even in the bottom. 
    In the back, only instructions to apply, made in USA, website, PAO and UPC.
  • If it came in a shelf-ready display case, sometimes the ingredients are listed on there instead (I think they cover it at the very bottom of that guide). However I have been in CVS and seen no case, no ingredient label anywhere so it's not unheard of. 
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