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  • Thanks for the approval.

    Hi! I'm Raiyana and i make skincare products at home as a hobby. I make them for my daughters, family members and close friends.
    I'm more interested to do products that are suitable for babies and kids with skin condition (eczema)
  • Hi my name is Mahmoud from Egypt doing detergents and a little cosmetics
  • Hello, my background is not chemistry, I have chemistry base from college and loved it but studied foreign languages.  I am a drug testing coordinator now and deal with lab and testing PH but not cosmetic. Recently I have enrolled into a program to become a natural cosmetic formulator. I am trying to fill the gaps I do not learn from the program and find other programs I can learn from. I have been formulating for more than 6 months now, pretty new and learning. Joined this forum in seeking help and advice on becoming a professional formulator. My dream is to create my own niacinamide  product one day. I love niacinamide and was the first thing I ordered when I started formulating. I have formulated two lotions but can’t get what I am aiming at yet...hopefully I am at the right place! 
  • Hello everyone. I've recently been beginning doing some formulations for a few clients on a small basis. I've read some posts here and there are some extremely helpful individuals, and the course on this site looks very good. Thanks!
  • Hello everyone, my name is C Mack and I don't have a science background but actually a federal law enforcement type background. 

    While I have been doing extensive research regarding ingredients I kept coming across this site. Which has been perfect as I've been in the process of starting a men's grooming/beard business for a while now. I enjoy making formulations and learning about cosmetics that I signed up for Chemists Corner Practical Cosmetic Formulating class. 

    I look forward to my continued learning from you all.

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    Hi Everyone, My name is Derek! I am a marketing specialist for agilis chemicals, a commerce platform for chemicals. Free registration for access to order your chemicals! https://agilischemicals.com
  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Ryan from U.S.A. I’ve been creating my own formulas since 2012. I started with cold process soap, then moved to lotions, shave soaps, pre-shaves, then aftershaves. I was directed to this forum while watching Perry’s videos. My formulating started by reading and learning all about the ingredients. My interests continue, so I can look forward to formulating different types of products.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Clifford. Am a year short of 60 and l  now live in Zambia. Am a graduate of Chemistry and Biology and have worked the cosmetic industry for over 10 years. I am now self employed and I spend a lot of my time helping startup in cleaning chemicals and haircare products.
    I am hoping I can learn a lot on this forum.
  • My name is Samer, a Pharmacist, have passion in cosmetics and hope one day I start my own business.
  • Hello My name is Mannat. My educational background is Biochemistry/Biotechnology and I have experience working in the pharmaceutical industry (quality control for biologics and generic drugs/narcotics). I am entering the cosmetic/OTC industry at a new position and hoping to learn more through this form and chemist corner. 
  • Hi, my name's Ifa, I'm 21 and I'm from India. Really excited after having joined this forum. I see lots of knowledge, experience and zeal with regards to formulating cosmetic formulae and it makes me so happy. Hoping to have a great time and learn lots of new stuff. Cheers. 

    (PS- My background: used to study medicine then quit that to enrol into a few online courses on cosmetic formulation. I've received two certifications through that means so far and I also have a 1-year experience in cosmetic formulation. Whoops.)
  • Hi: My name is Alex, I am a pharmacy technician that started a small business manufacturing natural organic products. My main focus right now is creating a natural deodorant/antiperspirant. Later on I wish to a larger line of natural products such as soaps, lip balm, body creams etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Hi Everyone my name is Hubert from South Africa. I have Electrical Engineering Degree, and my expertise are in production, automation and equipment. After 20 years in production. I would like to change my career path to become a formulator. 

    At the moment I am taking Perrys classes to gain more insight around formulating  and I joined this forum to gain more knowledge and guidance and hopefully become a formulator.
  • Hello community! I am Amber Grove a self-taught formulator of skincare products. I have been creating my own formulas and testing products for 6 years and still have much to learn. I am planning on launching a capsule collection of luxury skincare products this year.    
  • Only just now I bother to creep this site and found this secret hiding place. I have 'no life' all of the sudden and I am doing this. LOL!

    My name is Christopher and I am born and raised in Malaysia. My background is complicated, sophisticated, frustrating. Just another Asian in Asia, I think.

    To cut the long story short, Malaysia is not one of those countries which are many many years ahead of Malaysia.  :D  If I were to explained it would be a thesis heavily about racism and religious extremism.

    In what I am most interested? In context of this site? To learn! The science of skin and stuff that go on skin, of course! At the same time this is my first time learning that men can love to be beautiful too. I think and think again, why should I be startled anyway as there are way more male chefs than female chefs worldwide!

    Sharing will come naturally. I am well aware that some people are tight-lipped no matter how expert they already are in a subject matter. In this case is tight-penned and tight-fingered. Stingy.

    I can understand that some people think that they best not share if they are not well versed in a particular subject lest they misinform people. Misinformation is destructive, and this I fully agree.

    My career and life...ugh. Not much considering where I am and the people I am with. Sounds like an excuse. I can only say so much, one has to convince oneself by being one of us, not as 'white person' but yellow skinned, tanned, etc. ;) Many Westerners either ignore the fact or ignorant that very many Asians actually worship white people. I never fail to have Westerners telling me Asians are soooooo polite, sooooo friendly, sooooo helpful, soooooo cultured. If they were black or non-white skinned they would see the true colours of Asians and then we will have level playing field.

    Asians are obsessed with being white. They will do almost anything to have white skin. Whitening products are aplenty. Cancerous or not doesn't matter as long as they can be white. K-Pop is famous not for their dance/singing but for their white and glossy skin. Korean fans were infuriated when their Korean idols real skin tone was revealed. Angry not with K-Pop lies, makeup, lighting, but infuriated by those people who reveal the truth. Whitewashing is real!
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    Hello! My name is Nika, and I'm a 10-year experienced Metallurgical Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry in Texas. My interest in formulating comes from the difficulties I've had finding products that work and won't irritate/clog my very reactive skin. My focus right now is creating an oil-based cleanser that's fragrance free, non-comedogenic, non-stripping/drying, removes makeup and sunscreen, washes away cleanly, and doesn't leave a tight feeling behind on my skin - it's a big ask, but hopefully not impossible! I'm not sure where this will take me yet; I know I have a lot to learn, so I plan to stay in the anhydrous world for a while and leave preservation science to the professionals. I look forward to being a part of this community!
  • Hi! My name is Andy and I have an associate's degree in pharmaceutical chemistry (I think that would be the equivalent, as I live in Latin America and I'm not sure if there's a similar training level in the United States). I've had a passion for makeup and skincare ever since I can remember and I would love to further my knowledge on the subject. So far I have only experimented with simple skin care formulas like face wash and lotion that I use on myself, to customize my skin care routine. Eventually I would love to create skin care or makeup products for other people as well, but right now I'm happy with making my own products. I absolutely love this forum! It's helped me solve my beginner mistakes so many times and I've gained tons of knowledge from you guys. I haven't found another forum with so many experienced professionals that are so generous with their time and wisdom! Truly a one of a kind treasure on the internet.

    (English is not my native language, so I apologize if something I say doesn't make any sense)

  • Hi,every one, I am Ajith from Sri lanka. Actually I am a pharmacist with a high interesting on chemical formulation. Now I am employed in a medicated cosmetic manufacturing small company. 
    When I was suffering in the net accidentally I found the Chemist corner. 
    The basic 4 lessons from Mr.Perry were very precious to me.
    Thanks Mr Perry.
  • Hello all. I’m a full time carer and educator with a background in civil engineering. I’ve been making toiletries for a while but becoming more serious about it due to the plastic problem and needing to tailor products to our intolerances and allergies. I’m studying some online courses and hoping to find out how to become a good formulator. Mostly interested  in anhydrous products and shampoos/conditioners.
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    Hello !

    I’m Emily. For the past 20years I’ve been into private junior high school administration. I actually head the affairs of the school. My background is accounting. 

    My interest in cosmetic formulation developed as a result of several reactions I’ve had in using various creams and lotions. I registered for Formula Botanica early this year and School for Natural Skincare late last year, all based in the UK. As I love to broaden my knowledge and skills I registered with Chemist Corner as well hoping to learn more and most probably become a skincare entrepreneur. 

    I’m happy to be here !
  • Hi!

    I am very thankful for the opportunity to be in this forum. I am currently a detergent formulator and our company might lean on cosmetic products soon. I do not have specific expertise in the field of cosmetics but I have read books on detergent formulation. I hope we can help each other! 

    Regards to everyone!   
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    @Whiskey - Welcome to the forum!

  • Hi My name is Jo and I have been working in Quality control in pharma industry for over than 15 years and i just started getting into making cleaning agents that are chemical free .
  • Hello, 
    my name is Tendo, originally a lawyer now transferring head on into skin and hair care. I live in Uganda (East Africa). I have taken two courses in organic skin care offered by an indie beauty company in the UK and I am looking for anything that would be more challenging in terms of learning.
    My foray into cosmetics was driven first by my background, my dad used to make a lye-heavy soap when I was little that was a hit with all those looking to bleach themselves called of all things “Tendo soap”😏 then later my children came along with sensitive skins and nothing on the market provided any relief. So 12 years ago I started teaching myself how to diy butters and slowly it has evolved into a thriving little company. 
    I am looking forward to learning from you all and contributing what I have learnt along the way
  • Hello,

    My name is Vera. I am working for pharmaceutical company in position Coordinator. My task is to find producer of reference standard of cocamidopropyl-dimethylamine for the determination of cocamidopropyl-betaine by thin layer chromatography.In the absence of a "reference standard" quality, the normal raw material cocamidopropyl-dimethylamine will be sufficient.

    Could you please help us in this matter or refer us to another source? I am clueless.


    Thank you very much, I appreciate your time.

  • Hello All,

    I am Brandi from the US.  I have been a Licensed Cosmetologist for 30 years with a life long passion for hair and skin care.  I have been making my own products for myself and my family for many years and about 2 years ago I started my own small business where I create and sell All Natural Skin and Haircare products, Essential Oil blends for Holistic health needs and Household cleaning products.  
    I love the science behind what I do and also find it very rewarding to be able to create a product that helps someone even in the smallest of ways.
    I live on a large farm and I try to incorporate as much as I can from this farm into my products.  

    I love to learn and expand my knowledge so when I found this site it made my day! I hope to learn from you all and share where I can.

  • Hi my name is joanna I am from The Caribbean Island Trinidad and Tobago I Am A Salon Owner And Stylist For The Last 10years And I am New To This Forum My Goal This Year is To Formulate My Own Haircare Line To Give My Clients The Best Experience Any Help Will be Appreciated Glad To Be Apart of The Forum Once Again 
  • Hi there!

    I'm Kate, and I'm a cosmetic chemist based in the UK working for a chemical manufacturer/supplier. I graduated from a degree in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science in summer 2018, and have a total of 2.5 years of formulation behind me (one year was halfway through my degree). The two jobs I have worked in have focused on cosmetic aerosols and silicones, so those are my two main areas of knowledge.

    I chose this industry because as a girly teenager I loved nail art and makeup. I am fairly creative but easily put off when something doesn't go the way I want it to, so art you can easily wipe away is ideal. I was also fairly good at chemistry, so combined the two. And what a great choice that was!

    I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to accomplish! At this early stage, I'm just happy to be having a play around creating in the lab. We are a fairly niche industry so I'm looking forward to learning and helping others through their formulation problems where I can. Here's to creativity!


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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello I'm Naomi!

    I'm a hairstylist who dropped out of college after originally studying astrophysics. I'm looking at going back to college in the fall to get a BS in Chemistry to become a cosmetic chemist. I'm taking this course to learn if this career field is right for me before taking out more student loans.
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    Welcome @naomi_w!  Let me know if you have any questions as you go through the material.
  • Hello, I am Benjamin, I recently trained on formulating natural cosmetic products. I am experimenting and learning a lot from my mistakes (I make a lot of mistakes since I am not a full trained cosmetic chemist :smiley: )
    I have come accross this forum and podcast several times and I thought I will participate in the discussions here!
    happy formulating
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    Thank you very much for given a chance to introduce myself at this Forum!!!!!!!

    I am Md. Fazlur Rahman from Bangladesh. I am an Civil Engineer and have been working for 14 years in Construction Industry.

    Now, I am thinking about a business like Detergent and Hand Wash manufacturing business. 

    Primarily, I want to manufacture a item of Hand Wash Liquid.

    I know that here is Experienced Chemist available. So, I am happy to be a member of this Forum.
  • Hi, My name is Chris Brown, Owner and Managing Director of Nutdust, LLC.  Our body powder is made primarily from Arrowroot Powder.  I am interested in hearing about shared experiences of using arrowroot powder and if there are any potential pitfalls or requirements in using arrowroot for the commercial market.  It will be great to meet industry minded people and expand my network.

  • I'm Sarah, and I began formulating after my time in the US Army as a chemical operations specialist (nuclear, biological, chemical weapons) 19 years ago.

    I love experimenting! While my life and career goals do not center around chemistry, I'm consistently revising formulas and creating blends (for hair and skin) that non-chemists can easily use.
  • I am hari thiagarajan,basically chemistry back ground,i have 22 years experience in various chemical industry herbal extraction,fine chemicals and specialty chemicals.

    Handled various product formulation in speciality chemicals like oil based fat liquors,synthetic tanning agents ,polimers,binders,pigments and cement additives and admixtures.

    Now i have started new carriers in pharma industries with steroids and non steroids oilments and cosmetics product.

    This is brief about me. I need your support to develop new products in cosmetics products.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Benedict Christian, I'm a Chemist by training, I've always had passion for cosmetic Chemistry, currently growing my business at Diurnal Essentials, where I produce Dish wash liquid,  multipurpose Liquid soap, bar soaps and other cleaning products.
    Thanks Perry, 
    Towards Learning and Sharing Knowledge.
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    Thank you for the approval.
    Hi everyone. 
    My name is Patt. I'm a marketer background in medical degree with basic knowledge of cosmetic chemistry. I'm so happy i found this forum. There's so much more i have to learn.
    Please excuse my writing I haven't been writing in English properly more than 10+ years.
    Thank you for your supports.
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    Hello everyone,
    I'm Onyii. My background is in Biochemistry with research qualifications in Drug delivery. I started trying to formulate natural cosmetics for myself a few years back and just started my own skincare and haircare company.

    I am currently doing a Diploma program in Skincare and Haircare and I'm here to get and offer answers to more complicated formulation questions I may have, working with natural ingredients.

    Thanks for the opportunity and I hope to add value to the community while benefitting from the info I get from the forum. 
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    Hello, my name is Colette. I have interest in cosmetics formulation. I am an amateur who began making soap and body cream for herself. I would love to learn about creating cosmetics. And someday own my cosmetics brand. 
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    I'm so excited to be part of this forum.  My name is Theodora Ntovas and I am the founder of a small natural boutique line called 
    YASOU "a toast to your health | skin care.   I started my line several years ago with a formulator (great deal of experience) and a manufacturer who I worked with til about a year ago.  They both closed their doors to retire!  Well this happened right when my line started taking off.  

    I have dreamed of having a store front and manufacturing my own lotions in the back of my store but never thought I'd be confronted so soon with a decision.  After looking for replacements which either wouldn't sign my disclosure (I own all my formula's etc., etc.) or I just didn't connect I decided to start learning to compound my creams.  This is were I am presently and have so many questions!  So I'm hoping I can find answers to my questions regarding batching solutions and hopefully a new formulator to work on new natural, vegan products.  

    I have no previous experience in compounding.  I was a creative director for many years so I know how to launch new startups and do a lot of research.  Thanks.
  • Hi, my name is Rika. i'm a pharmacyst but really like formulating cosmetics. i new in formulating cosmetics. great to be part of this forum. Thankyou

    Greetings from Kenya, East Africa...
    This is John,a chemical processing Enterprenuer, with a bias in Detergent and Cleaning Products.
    Glad to be here and learn the latest in the world of Chemistry.
  • Hi everyone. I am Juthland, I truly thank Mr Perry for his kindness regarding the help he is granting to new comers in the Cosmetic world. Thank you a lot Sir for approving my membership request.

     I'm so glad to be part of such a blessed team. I'm from Congo Brazzaville in Central Africa, and presently I'm in South Africa. I have a Vocational Bachelor in Industrial Instrumentation ( Process Control Engineering). I don't have a Chemistry background but after graduation I wanted to further my education in Process Design ( Chemical Engineering) as we used to deal with Industrial Processes. But given that I didn't have a background in Chemistry, I started getting interested in Chemistry.

     After knowing the importance of chemistry nowadays, especially in the manufacturing sector, I ended being trained last year as a Generic Fine Fragrance Manufacturer and Started a Company in the Fragrance Industry. And by trying to know more about the Fragrance Industry and being a Perfume. I understood that we were as well involved in the Cosmetic industry in general. 

    Then I started making Soap Bars ( with melt and pour process) and Liquid Hand Wash using a Surfactant blend provided by my supplier which had Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as an active ingredient. From that day on I included Soaps in my manufacturing products list. And my Fragrance books provided me with more details on the Cosmetic Industry. So my goal is to be an excellent Formulator and include all the personal care and Hair care products in my manufacturing list.

    I am truly sorry for providing such a lengthy introduction. Thank you.
  • Hello,
    I'm Marta and I'm a biochemist. I am interested in news about cosmetics, and I have a tendency for solid cosmetics. This forum is very interesting, because it allows me to get answer of many questions that arise in my professional life.
    Thank you.
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    Hello everyone new!  Welcome to the forum.  I look forward to discussing cosmetic science with you.
  • Hallo,

    I’m Mary from Singapore. i realised I had jumped straight into posting my questions and had not seen this introductory page, so sorry!

    I’m a trained pastry chef though not a practicing one. I‘m a certified aromatherapist, now taking a series of courses on natural skincare formulation. I love learning new things. 

    I appreciate greatly this forum, a very pleasant environment with many kind and supportive people. Thank you ❤️

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    Hello, and thanks for the accept,
    I'm a self-taught skincare formulator who has been making things for the last 30ish years and in the last few years has focused on anyhdrous skincare. I was recently introduced to Beauty Brains and through that Chemist Corner. Through both, my eyes have been opened wide and I'm loving being educated about all sorts of things I'd never even thought of.
    Stay safe, wear a mask.
  • Hi Everyone!
    I'm Billy, an electrical engineering student from the Philippines. I've been trying to perfect my dishwashing liquid formulation for more than a year now. I'm looking forward to learn more and share my experience in this forum.
  • Hi, I'm Abigail. I am business inclined. I have a degree in Bachelor of Commerce. I am new this whole cosmetic formulations. I have no formal training in cosmetic formulation.

    I am very interested in making hair and skin products. I make most of the products i used on my hair with the little knowledge i have through research. I came across this site whilst researching.

    I believe this is a great platform for me to learn since we have a lot of experienced people here so i joined today.
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