Oral paste equine supplement. Help with overcoming separation.

Hi All. I’m back at the paste (oral syringe) formulation for my horse calming supplement. The powder form is perfect, but many of my clients also require a paste. The powder is a combination of magnesium amino acids chelates, tryptophan, and b vitamins. I tried an oil based suspension and has major seeping of the oils out of the solution after a day or more. Some offered great advice on heating the oils with liquid lecithin before mixing. Improvement there as the oils began to seep after several weeks instead of days. I’m working on a glycerin base instead to hopefully overcome the slow separation of the powdered ingredients from the paste base. So far, I am getting a slight separation wherein the solids (powder) conglomerates slightly after a day or so and leaves a more liquid portion and a more solid portion. Does this makes sense? Anyhow, here’s my formula
Phase A
40% powdered supplement
Phase B
57.5% veg glycerin
2% propylene glycol
0.5% methylparaben

combine phase B, add to phase A. 

I’d prefer to avoid H2O because it changes the color and flavor. 
Any suggestions and thanks in advance!!


  • Did you try the beeswax-oil suggestion when you posted this last time?

    With a 40% powder loading it is hard to prevent separation over time. I can't see that glycerol will be any better. I don't know of any viscosity modifiers that would work in glycerol alone.
  • There's a paragraph on page 251 of the following book that discusses making 'tacky syrup' out of glycerol and a natural gum as a replacement for corn syrup to bind cereal bars. It suggests some gums are soluble enough in glycerol at high loading levels to 'gel' and form a the same consistency as high glucose corn syrup.

    I would try displacing half the glycerin with acacia, heating and mixing those two first to see if it gels enough to hold your powdered supplement. If that didn't work I might try adding just a touch of H20 to the acacia/glycerol phase and try to gel that way. 

    Functionalizing Carbohydrates for Food Applications: Texturizing and Bioactive/Flavor Delivery Systems - Milda E. Embuscado · 2014 · Technology & Engineering

  • You can go as much as 50% water/glycerol and still have a low Aw and at that level it shouldn't degrade the vitamins too much (add 100% overage) and have good shelf life stability too. Adding the acacia/Xanthan/guar or other water soluble rheology agent should help with your gel.
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