Triethanolamine replacement

Hello. With what similar ingredient I can replace Triethanolamine without having to modify the whole thing?
Can I also replace Sodium Laureth Sulphate for SCI? 

Facial scrub 1,000 g  
Formula % (wt.) 

6.00 Whole Fresh Orange 
7.00 Water 
7.56 Glycerine 

1.19 Triethanolamine
2.75 Cupuaçu Butter (saturated fat) 2.75 Shea Butter (saturated fat) 
1.50 Jojoba oil (unsaturated oil) 
6.00 Stearic acid 
3.50 Cetearyl Alcohol 
10.00 Sodium Laureth Sulphate 

1.00 Fragrance 

Colour Solution:
0.112500 Water
0.0125 Colourant 
0.625 Glycerine 

50.00 Salt-Fine 


  • Will tromethamine also work as an emulsifier in conjunction with cetearyl alcohol? That's the combo some companies do to emulsify their emulsions tea+cetearyl alcohol
    Thank you very much
  • I have no idea how it will work with cetearyl alcohol specifically, or as emulsifier at all. I've only used it for neutralizing carbomers.


    This is the answer I got from a professional chemist when I wondered if it was better to use tromethamine as replacement for TEA (regarding i.a. forming of nitrosamines):

    "I abandoned TEA many, many years ago in favour of tromethamine for neutralising carbomers and just about all other things that TEA is used for. It never failed me in all that time. I'm not suggesting it is a universal replacement - everything needs checking out, as you know, but I doubt you regret the changeover.

    Another advantage of tromethamine is that it has a much reduced tendency to discolour on storage which some deliveries of TEA most certainly do.

    The only disadvantage I found with tromethamine in commercial formulating is that of cost but, I'm sure that can be hidden by the superior product that is formed."

    I'm sorry I can't help you any further on your question about its emulsifying properties. I hope you will get an answer to that as well.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for helping, Doreen
  • You're welcome!
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