Fat Bloom Inhibitor

Hello all,

I am working on a balm formulation with 60% Mango butter, 25% Beeswax, 1%IPM, 15%MCT oil.
This formulation tends to get grainy texture on slow cooling. I would like to ask for some suggestions on adding any bloom inhibitors or direction to work on the above formulation ingredients ratios.

Thank you


  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Normal behaviour actually. You will need to experiment with cooling methods.
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  • I agree with @Belassi.
    Years ago I made anhydrous whipped body butters and I tried cooling quickly as opposed to slow cooling and never experienced graininess, nor fat blooms. These were small batches though (about 500 grams).
    Make sure that the mixture is completely clear when it's heated, so that every fatty component is fully melted and then cool quickly and keep stirring. 
    I put it in the freezer for a few minutes, stir, few minutes freezer, stir etc. and eventually whipping (when it becomes cloudy).
    Whipping can be quite lucrative as the volume increases drastically!

    For the pictures below I made a butter with 77,3% shea butter, 10% argan oil, 10% jojoba oil, 2.5% behenyl alcohol, 0.2% tocopherol.

    Grainy shea butter

    Not clear yet

    Without piping

    And with.
    I know it's not the greatest result as this was my first attempt piping body butter.
    And I had chosen the wrong tip: 

    Hopefully I could be a bit of help.
    Good luck!
  • Thank you Belassi and Doreen for your valuable feedback. 
    I have observed Crash cooling helps to reduce the grainy texture. The thing is I can crash cool it before it makes it to the customers. Have received lot of feedback from them that eventually over time the product develops this grainy texture. I assume its due to slow cooling or often product lying outside int he car for long.
    Do you recommend any addition of surfactant?

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