Oh Boy! Big mistake?

So I work for a company that accidentally emailed several clients a list of OTHER clients formulas. Does this violate our NDA? we are a small lab and sort of hope it will go unnoticed. 


  • Is there a chance the client finds out? If so how? 

    Also formulas unless are really unique are not that special 
  • Lol that’s true they are. Thanks for that. Yes the client will probably find out. I think we should tell them first. 
  • I have been on the receiving end of documents not intended for me. I usually just reply to advise that these have been sent to me in error and the emails have been deleted and the attachments have been unread.

    One occasion the supplier sent me docs and included the managing director of a competitor company in the email. I can only assume extremely apologetic emails were sent to the MD and others in the team.

    Another instance a govt agency sent the results of an audit to the wrong person (a friend of mine) in the wrong company - news got out very quickly about the failed audit... 

    Mistakes happen, I guess it is better to admit the mistakes and apologise profusely; but if you are on the receiving end of those emails, discretion is better.
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