Where can I find this rare ingredient? Please help!

Hello! First, some background to my question: I'm working on my first formulation. I'm creating an oil-based cleanser that's fragrance and essential oil-free, non-comedogenic, non-stripping/drying, removes makeup and sunscreen, washes away cleanly, and doesn't leave a tight feeling behind on my skin. It's a big ask, but I'm up for the challenge. So far, I've found one product on the market that meets all but one of these requirements: Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet (unfortunately, it's not fragrance-free, which is a big deal for my very reactive/rosacea-prone skin). I strongly feel the other requirements will be made or broken by the emulsifiers.

Since this is my first attempt at formulating, I want to go simple with it: I only want to combine Rice Bran, Hemp Seed, and Red Raspberry Seed oils with the two emulsifiers from the Botanic Farm cleanser (PEG-20 glyceryl triisostearate and PEG-10 isostearate) to make an oil to milk cleanser. Note: I am not currently asking for formulation help, as I haven't even attempted to make this yet. Also, the texture does not have to be a balm/sherbet - I'm happy with a liquid formula. 

With help from ngarayeva001, I have a supplier for the PEG-20 (The Formulary and Glamour Cosmetics), but neither of us has been able to find a supplier for the PEG-10 isostearate. To me, it seems like the difficulty comes in the rarity of the raw material; I can only find 2 producers/3 products on the market:
  1. Nikkol MYS-10
  2. Nikkol MYS-10V
  3. Radiasurf 7473
On to my question: Does anyone have a resource for a supplier of this material? I am located in the US, so ability to ship to the US would be ideal. I would prefer to purchase retail quantities as well.

Follow-up question: If this raw material is actually impossible to source, does anyone have suggestions for potential material substitutions?

Thank you so much!


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