Light lipstick What do I put to become heavy? And What are the most important components of a makeup remover?  


  • These two are different questions and you should set up separate topics to discuss it. Also, you haven't provided enough information to answer your question. When you say "heavy", do you mean coverage? If yes, the answer is more pigments and more opacifiers, such as TiO2.
  • Can you send your formulation? We need to  have more information , we don't know what you used, maybe it is enough to reduce the amount of one light emollient for e.g. larger amounts of castor oil...... but there can be many reasons..........
  • Does titanium increase the coverage of lipstick
  • Of course , it is normal..... but I think that you can't give as much as you want, you can give e.g. 3-6%  if you have not pearl pigment but please remember to be well grated e.g. in castor oil.Titanium white rubbing is very important ,
    it is best if you put all the dyes together and chew them together.

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