Institute of personal care science Cosmetic Chemist?

So, I'm a little skeptical of this institute claiming they can provide you with the title of "Cosmetic Chemist" or "Formulation Chemist" (Without chemist degree or its background), their explanation seems to me like fairy dust claims and how you would avoid making a false claim by adding words like "enhances the appearance of". I understand that to be a Formulater or work in Product Development you don't need to be a Chemist but can an institute such as this really provide you with that tittle and most importantly is this even accepted? Is there even a University were you can become a Chemist online?  

Really looking forward to your opinion and insight on this.

Thanks in advance.


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    "Cosmetic chemist" or "formulation chemist" aren't official titles and have not much to do with chemistry, everyone can give out these "titles".
  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Pharma.
  • I did an online diploma of this last year. Took a year. 
  • I have not taken any classes with them but Belinda is a incredibly knowledgeable as you can tell from her YouTube videos. On the other hand Formula Botanical I would not recommend. Probably best to go with Perry’s courses or IPCS
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    It’s good to be skeptical of places promising online diplomas. There are numerous online courses put on by people who have little to no background in cosmetic formulating. Essentially, anyone can create a course and give out a diploma. That doesn’t mean the information is necessarily bad, but it might set you up with the expectation that you are more qualified for a formulating job than you actually are. It’s doubtful that anyone has landed a job because they completed an online diploma like this. I would add however, that completing a program like the one put on by the University of Cincinnati would be useful for getting a job. (

    As to the Institute for Cosmetic & Personal Care Science, I haven’t gone through the course but have seen the videos & portions of a course.  I also know Belinda & have seen her speak. She does a good job. I’m sure the Institute is one of the better programs out there. 

    It all comes down to why you want to take an online course. If you are thinking of taking this course because you want a job as a formulator, unless you have a chemistry degree already, you’ll be disappointed. If you are taking it to learn how to make some specific formulas for home use, you will probably be happy. 

  • Depending on your level, you might want to start with this free course. It’s a collaboration of Perry, Susan of Swiftcraftymonkey and Jane Barber of makingskincare:
    It’s for beginners but useful.
  • Thank you to all. Your insights, opinions and recommendations have been very useful.

    Perry, thank for the detailed information. I have seen your courses and have been interested in taking one over the past years, but I am a bit torn between both of your formulation courses, may I contact you with some questions? If so where might I contact you?

    Thanks in advance. 
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    @Jini - sure you can contact me. You can just send me a message directly through the forum or to my email

  • Courses are great; they can help you learn the areas you need to and get an understanding of the industry - but nothing beats experience.
  • @Perry Thank you, the inquiry was sent, looking forward to your response.

    @Herbnerd True, but a bit of both knowledge and experience is the perfect mix!
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    @Jini - sorry for my delayed response. I was traveling and am working my way through emails. I'll respond as soon as I can.
  • Don’t trust all the wanna-be mentors or teachers of online beauty schools that claim to give you in the end, a diploma of the highest level that no one other than you has. If you’re having second thought before even starting this “course”, you better stay away from it and continue looking for something more trustworthy. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people here at this beauty school They allegedly explained everything without being suspicious. That’s why I chose to go with them all the way, and now I don’t regret it at all! I am a real cosmetologist working at a real cosmetology clinic with a real diploma.
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    @SueSanderson - The area of study which you are referring to (cosmetology) is not what the Institute of Personal Care science teaches. They focus on formulating products and chemistry. It's a different area of study. Their course content is quite good, although I do agree that the promise of a diploma is an exaggeration (at least as it applies to the US market).

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