body cream \ lotion filling machine

Hi there fellas 

im looking to buy a filling machine to my body cream and lotion line and looking for a good basic filling machine 
im adding a link to a filling machine from ebay i viewed but the seller told me it will not work for me
Thank you in advance on your recommendations 


  • svensven Member
    Eish the problem with that is the max size of 50ml
  • Hi Sven,
    the size is not my problem he says this dosn't work with creams
  • svensven Member
    Strange i fill a 50ml day cream with one of these machines and other than being a bother to clean properly i have had no challenges
  • thank you so much sven
  • I have that exact machine and I use it to fill creams.  The only problem I have is that the cream comes out like a worm when filled cold.  So I heat it gently beforehand and give it a good stir and it comes out fine.  Leave the nozzle below the surface and pull it out at the last minute and you'll get that nice swirl.
  • thank you on your answer Gabyd :)
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