Please, what should I use to thicken a leave-in conditioner? Its a bit watery. Thanks


  • Please post the entire formula. It's hard to tell without knowing what is already there.
  • xanthan gum is pretty good. but it might not work with what your formula.

    (im a beginner, everything  know is from my own reasearch and this website)
    but ive used xanthan and i loved it on my products
  • Xanthan is a workhorse. Relatively electrolyte resistant, stable at broad range of pH, cheap and easily available but it’s a disaster from aesthetic point of view. I can’t even describe how inferior it is compared to acrylic acid based polymers.
    Also conditioners (conventional) are usually thickened by fatty alcohols, not polymers. Impossible to tell without seeing the formula.
  • Thank you so much for your comments
    Its just a simple conditioner formula with BTMS-50 and shea butter. Nothing complicated
  • Then cetyl alcohol. 
    Here is the thing, "simple conditioner with BTMS-50, nothing complicated" doesn't tell me anything. You might be using cetrimonium chloride that destroys viscosity and it still will be nothing complicated, because it's typical ingredient, and many use it in a conditioner. You might have other ingredients that mess it all up and yet, "nothing complicated". So unless your product is literally BTMS-50, Shea Butter, Water and preservative, it is getting complicated and it's absolutely impossible to say why it's "watery".

    Conclusion: people please share your formula.
  • Cetyl or cetearly alcohol. I didn't think xanthan worked with a cationic conditioner? But yes, hard to know unless see full list of ingredients.
  • @crillz, thank you for pointing it out. You are absolutely right it won't work in a conditioner, because it's anionic. 
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    This is exactly why when asking a question about a formula, you should put the entire formula or at the very least, the entire ingredient list.

    BTMS & shea butter do not seem like a good ingredients to use in a leave-in conditioner. Maybe in a hair styling product but not a leave in conditioner.
  • Thank you all. Really appreciate
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