Emulsense HC

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Hi.  I'm looking to buy a small quantity of Emulsense HC - say 1 kg or so.  I can't find any distributors in the U.S.   (ecocert approved cationic surfactant)

I found 2 U.K stores to order from, but the markup plus shipping costs is too high. 

Anybody know someone willing to sell a 1-5 kg quantity?   I was looking at buying in bulk from the local distributor that represents inolex, but they won't ship to a residential address.


  • Hi everyone, thank you for accepting me into your group. Much appreciated. 
    I've been using Emulsense HC for about a year now and yes, I've been paying to have it shipped from the UK. ? 
    I love using it, but I find that it's very sensitive to certain things and in the beginning I ended up with a few broken emulsions and almost always a loss in viscosity.  
    It's palm free which is great, and the result on the hair is excellent, I just need to troubleshoot and perfect. 
    Anyone else used this product? 
  • I use the emulsense, which has less of the brassica alcohol than emulsense HC.  I can then control the level of hardness myself.   Also can use less of the ingredient.     Hanna, I'm in the U.S. and am thinking of buying directly from Inolex.  If I do, would like to buy some of it?
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