How to get a nice top when using a filling machine

Hello everyone, I use a filling machine like this to decant my skin cream into jars:

Unfortunately, it comes out like a long worm and then kind of stays like that.  How can I get the cream looking nice, all compact with a nice swirl at the top?  Any tips?  Many thanks.


  • crillzcrillz Member
    Fill when cream is still at warmer temp? 
  • GabyDGabyD Member
    Thanks crillz. I have filled the jars when the emulsion was at 20 degrees and it seems fine. I am a bit scared, as I filled some jars with hot emulsion once and they went mouldy!

    Actually mould is the bane of my life.
  • crillzcrillz Member
    I'd be more inclined to look at your preservative system if this is the case. I've often filled from 25-35 degrees and I find that it sinks into the container nicely while leaving a nice swirl on top.
  • SpongeSponge Member
    Seconding looking at the preservative system. That, and cleaning your jars if this is a typical problem and your preservatives test okay. 
  • GabyDGabyD Member
    Yup, the preservative system has been a challenge.  Hopefully I have it sussed now.  I have had TWO costly recalls in the past few weeks  :'(
  • Have the Challenge Tested the product?
    Dr. Mike Thair
    Cofounder & Chief Formulator
    Indochine Natural
  • GabyDGabyD Member
    Hi Mike, yup and they all passed! In fact, when we used the MSB sample, the products were fine. It was just when we bought 25 kg and scaled up that the problems occurred.  Firstly, it burnt the skin.  Then I was advised to add the MSB at the hot phase.  This got rid of the skin burning problem, but unfortunately the products all went mouldy.
  • crillzcrillz Member
    Would have to post ingredients list or method if we were to try help with problem
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