Add Polyquaternium-10 at the beginning or at the end?

Most formulas add PQ-10 at the beginning
can you add it at the end since it builds up viscosity?

How much water should you use to predilute it it, if added at the end?
It comes in powder form.


  • GeneGene Member
    We put it in shampoo at the end pre-stirred into the ‘cones, preservative, etc.
  • Yes, you can add it in the end. You can slurry it in glycerin like xanthan. Regarding how much water, don’t worry if you have clumps. Leave the shampoo overnight and PQ10 will hydrate.
  • svensven Member
    Vanilla add right in the beginning. Would be interested to know how it would work best when adding at the end in the final phase with the fraq, preservatives etc
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    I can't see Polyqyuat-10 fully hydrating when adding at the end, especially the high MW stuff. ALWAYS add into water only at RT in the first step, mix well while gently heating until fully dispersed and hydrated before adding any other ingredient. Same is true for virtually all polymers and resin gums. Another factoid regarding Polyquaternium-10: do not add chelant (EDTA) to your water before adding/mixing/hydrating or it will take 3X longer. Don't know why but it does.
  • svensven Member
    @chemicalmatt nice tidbit that  :)
  • Nice, thaks a lot.
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