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So I think I am going crazy thinking about this issue.  I need to fill 1000 units 0.25 fl. oz. of lip balm at 250mg of CBD each.  In order to make sure each 'tin' gets 250mg, my formula needs 250 grams of CBD.  How would an excel sheet keep my formula dose consistent if I need to change volume of units? Or is this the completely wrong way to think about this?
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  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
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    Why don't you just make a big batch (say enough to fill 1500 units to ensure you have enough to fill), add the appropriate amount of CBD, then fill each unit?  There is an assumption when you properly mix an ingredient that it is evenly distributed throughout the batch.

  • Am I over simplifying it?
  • MarkBroussardMarkBroussard Member, Professional Chemist

    As Perry said, just make a batch large enough to fill all of the units and load your master batch with the equivalent of 250 mg CBD and mix it properly to get an even distribution of CBD throughout the entire batch.

    You should have on the CofA for each lot of bulk CBD oil the exact mg CBD per gram of total oil.  Most bulk CBD oils contain 60% to 70% CBD.  But, each lot of CBD oil is going to vary in CBD content within a range, so you will have to adjust your formula for each lot of CBD that you use to ensure you are getting 250 mg CBD in all of your unit runs.
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    Thank you for your feedback and talking through this with me, this makes more sense now knowing that each batch and container size need to be taken into account.  Thank you!
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