Foundation balling up when applied

Anyone have any idea or know why my foundation would be balling up from the friction of application?  Applied a dime size amount to skin, begin to rub it in, during rub in the foundation starts to ball up like if you were rubbing dried glue off your skin.  Any ideas of what that could be?  Thanks!


  • gld010gld010 Member
    It could be your gellants/thickeners, it could be silicones, it could be pigment coating. We can't say more unless you post a formula.
  • @gld010 I apologize I thought that it might be a common issue, and didn't need to provide a full formula.  I'll fiddle around with it and see if I can't find the cause.  Thanks for the response!
  • gld010gld010 Member
    Its a pretty common problem but it's also caused by many, many issues ranging from how you apply the product to the formula! If you are using a lot of silicone elastomers/crosspolymers I'd reduce them, when I worked in color cosmetics we used a lot of silicone materials like that and using too much will cause the silicone to stick to itself.
  • Is it balling by itself or you applied it on top of a moisturiser/other products?
    My guesses: any sodium polyacrylate based thickeners, xanthan, hyalurinic acid, some elastomers (as mentioned by the previous commentator).
  • @ngarayeva001 ; Thank you for the kind reply.  It is balling up when applied and not in its sample jar.  When applied to the skin it seems to spread great but then when more friction is applied it starts to get tacky and ball up like wet dough trying to get off your hands.  Thank you!
  • @gld010 you're awesome thank you!
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