Beard oil with PVP

Hi friends, need your help, i find a formula of Beard oil with PVP, formula is next:
Black olive oil - 20%
Macadamia oil - 18%
Sesam oil - 18%
Coconut oil - 10%
Almond oil - 30%
PVP - 4%,
But i get a problem with PVP does not dissolve in oil. What is problem, and how i can fix it? Thanks all for help. I hope you can help to find way make good product.


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    What do you want the PVP to do in the beard oil?  You could replace it with something that performs the same function but is soluble in oils.
  • @Perry it must be fixing element. From what i can change it? Thank you for your answer.
  • Please help, i cant find for what ingredient i can change PVP to have fixation in beard oil? Thanks all for help.
  • WillWill Member
    It will be difficult as all hair fixing additives are water soluble.

    I got a long beard and own a large barbershop with its own cosmetic line (and was a biochemist in my previous incarnation).. hehe.. anyways, first I would not use PVP on my beard, as it leaves some flaky residues that can cause dermatitis, fungus etc down the road.. for some beard fixing effect I would suggest you to try a natural beard balm with a mix of some good quality waxes/butters/oils.. for instance 10-12% bee's wax in your balm will give you quite a firm hold.
  • WillWill Member
    But if you still want to have something that looks like an oil for your beard fixative.. you could try a hair grooming formula:

    acrylate copolymers (instead of PVP), with some emollients like polyquartenium, glycerin, dimethicone (silicone) etc.. those are all water soluble, but your beard won't look as natural in my opinion.
  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    @beardlygentelmen actually i worked on such product so as @will said beewax in oil product will give more hold to product.
  • @Will, thanks for your answer, i'll try what you tell. 

  • @Fekher thank you for your answer, so you work on beard oil with wax for fixing? I right understand?
  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    @beardlygentelman actually oil based pomade product wich works with beard  and hair.
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