Geltrap™ technology and HIP (high internal phase) emulsions (W/O)

I will be experimenting with making Geltrap™ emulsions. I've bought Easynov and Sepiplus 400 for this. I will also try to make high internal phase W/O emulsions.

Are there people here who have experience with these? Are the sensorials really so much greater? Have you experienced disadvantages?


  • where did you buy the easynov?
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    That's interesting, here in Mexico the distributor is COSMAT who I already know.
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  • i was asking if any hobbyist/craft retailers were selling it...
  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    from my experience with W/O emulsions in general, I've found hydrogenated castor oil is a very valuable addition to this type of product, as it gels the oil phase, renders it non-fluid and gives it more thermal stability
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  • czkldczkld Member
    @Doreen how did you get the easynov?? It's really hard to get 
  • @firstlight This is a little late but this Ukrainian site seems to carry it:
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