Missing preservatives?

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I came across a brand, Creme Simon, that doesn't seem to use any preservatives. How is that possible? 

Example loi: http://cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_579a375629.html


  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Look at the relative positions of the glycerine and propanediol. Then there's the cinnamyl alcohol which I suspect is a preservative labelled a fragrance. Also, the benzyl salicylate, it's used as a preservative in floral infusions.
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  • MarkBroussardMarkBroussard Member, Professional Chemist
    The preservative is:  Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate Hcl   Aminat G from Seppic.  There is also preservation boosting from the 1,3-propanediol and pentylene glycol ... so there are actually 3 preservative ingredients in this formula.
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