Homogenizer recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a decent first homogenizer? I can't afford something top of the line yet, but I'd like to get something decent to start learning how to use the piece of equipment and improve the quality of my lotions. I appreciate any insights!


  • If you are sure that you need a homogenizer you can lookup used silversons on ebay. But even if you are lucky those are not very cheap.
  • If I can get away with something different, I'm all for it right now. I just want another option to the stick blender. I was looking at the Scliogex stirrer also. Would that provide a significant difference?
  • An alternative to a stick blender is an overhead stirrer provided that you don't need high shear. So if you use polymers and stick blender instroduces too much air, you can find a cheap chinese overhead stirrer on ebay for $100. And they work fine. You can get much smoother texture of your lotions with an overhead stirrer. Also you can set it up for, say, 30 minutes and leave it do the job. You can't do that with a stick blender as you have to hold it.
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    I recently saw a review (on the Making Skincare Facebook group) of the Dynamix blender for use making cosmetic emulsions. It is technically a hospitality emulsifier but should do the job and is a lot cheaper than the equivalent laboratory emulsifiers.
  • There’s not much difference between the stick blender above and dynamix. The bosh might incorporate more air but I don’t think it is worth difference in price.
  • Thank you, everyone!
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