Carbomer - triglyceride interaction?

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In the TDS of glyceryl stearate (Evonik, Tegin pellets) I read: "Polyacrylates such as TEGO® Carbomer 141 or TEGO® Carbomer 134 are added as an oil-dispersion (e. g. in mineral oil, decyl oleate, octyl stearate; not in triglycerides) at 60 °C. Then the emulsion is homogenized again." 
In the TDS of these carbomers: "TEGO® Carbomer products can also be dispersed directly into mineral oil or ester oils just before manufacturing."
No mentioning of triglycerides.

Is there an interaction between these types of carbomer with triglycerides, or with all carbomers in general? Or is there another reason not to make a predispersion with triglycerides?  (I use CCT a lot and I've recently bought Tego Carbomer 141)

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  • Under certain conditions, thickening polymers can interact with polar oily materials. That's why dispersing them in hydrocarbons/specific esters is recommended.

    However, I haven't experienced any problem when dispersing them in vegetable oil (so far). Give it a go.

  • @Vnnil
    Ok, thanks! :+1: :)
  • @Doreen, good topic! I think I was lucky because I dispersed carbomer in veg oil many times. Will be more careful now.
  • @ngarayeva001
    If the formula allows, I always disperse polymers in the oily phase, which is in my case usually a combination of (more or less) polar esters, vegetable and sometimes mineral oils. So far I fortunately haven't had any problems (unless the interaction can go unnoticed and cause problems much later on).
    Tego carbomer 141 is heat sensitive (>60C), so it needs to be added after emulsification in an oil dispersion, which is usually done with only one type of oil. Now I know I'd better not choose something like CCT for this!
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