Hair Styling Cream

Hi All,
I working on a hair styling cream and its driving me crazy.
Im trying to get a high hold using PVP so...
Current formula is using the below...
PVP (90% Powder) - 10%
Butylene Glycol - 8%
Sweet Almond Oil - 6%
Lanolin Wax - 6%
Lanolin Alcohol - 2.5%
PEG 8 beeswax 8%
Hydrogenated castor oil - 3%
Glyceryl Behenate - 3% 
Cetyl Alcohol - 8%
Preservative X

At the moment the product just doesnt have enough hold, I think PVP is at its maximum as it goes a bit stringy when rubbing.

Any ideas on which waxes I can alter to maximise the hold but still keep this stable? 

Thanks in advance


  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
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    @cossci21 actually it is lovely making hair cream styling but it needs work .
    so about your formulation i have two advices the first that the level of pvp is too high so try to reduce it then try to increase solid level of your formulation  ( waxes , fatty alcools or  acids , butter..)
  • @cossci21, I haven't formulated hair styling products yet, but I was doing research recently (I am thinking of formulating very strong hold clear hair gel). It looks like many of strong/ultimate hold products include VP/VA copolymer and PVP. I found the first one on makingcosmetics and they say it's "Very effective film-forming agent and fixative for hair care products".  Maybe this is what you need for your formula?

  • Way too much oils, glycols and fatty alcohols
    they prevent PVP from developing proper hold.

    Just water + 3% PVP can provide decent hold.
    Add some alcohol as desired for quicker drying.
    Lower the afore mentioned ingredients to claim levels.
  • Hi All,
    Great thank very much for your advice.

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