Decyl Glucoside sodium lauroyl lacylate blend shampoo formulating

I just received a decyl glucoside sodium lauroyl lacylate blend as a free gift and have been looking up on it.  I havent made shampoos yet as i am still waiting on my cocmydopropyl betain and was wondering if i can use this blend as the total base for a shampoo since it has 2 sufactants and would i heat it Up kn a formulation?  If anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.  


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    Wait for the CAPB to arrive.
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    Belassi said:
    Wait for the CAPB to arrive.
    So does that mean it can not even know they are both a blend of nonionic surfactants?  Or it would just be a better outcome? 
  • You need CAPB. Shampoos always have several surfactants. CAPB will make it more gentle.
  • Should i use polysorbate 20 or 80 in it? 
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Should i use polysorbate 20 or 80 in it? 
    - No. Why would you want to do that? Adding something to a shampoo is done for functional reasons.
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  • Are shampoos always formulated with  the surfactants being in heated phase? Also do you think 20% lf the blen and 15% of the CAPB would work well for the surfactant phase? 
  • No, you don’t need heat CAPB and Decyl Glucoside. It all depends on the surfactant you use. Also don’t be surprised if you don’t really like that shampoo. Glycosides are draggy. Do some reading on surfactants. Makingskincare, swiftcraftymonkey, itsallinmyhands have good information on surfactants. You need to figure out active surfactant matter to make sure you don’t use more than 15% for shampoo
  • I have SLSA would that be better. 
  • SLES + CAPB easy killer combo. No expensive thickeners required. Salt works well.Keep an eye on the ASM values and you should be fine.
  • Try SLSa and CAPB. Not more than 15% active surfactants matter. Do you have any cationics? Polyquat 7, cetrimonium chloride etc.
  • No i don't  but can order them
  • It’s important to include some, because they give the slip and conditioning effect. Without cationics the shampoo won’t feel like a shampoo.
  • Need to also add some cationinc conditioner and silicone for the conditioning purpose.
  • So domethicone and cationic  and with slsa no more than 15% sufactant matter?  
  • If you are using SLES, don’t add cetrimonium chloride. You can’t mix anionic and cationic surfactants. You can however add cationic gums and quats. Polyquat 10 is a great conditioner. It’s quaternised hydroxyethyl celulose, which means it will thicken your product. Polyquat 7 is also good. It comes as a liquid and easier to use comparing to polyquat 10. I prefer adding both but it really depends on formula. Silicones to be added to surfactants phase, because they don’t mix with water, unless you use peg-8 dimethicone or  amodimethicone. Regarding active surfactants matter, as I mentioned 8-10% for face and baby products, 10-15% shampoos, 15-20% shower gel and handwash, 30-35% bubble bath (the is not applied on skin). Makingskincare have a very good calculator and more information on it. Keep in mind it’s almost impossible to predict how surfactants will behave. A tiny chance in percentages or changing essential oil might lead to separation or loss out viscosity. Usually SLES and CABP are easy to thicken. If I doesn’t work, use crothix liquid. Another point to mention, don’t bring pH below 6 (google exact number). CAPB turns cationic.
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  • Thank you gain as well @ngarayeva001 for everything you have been awesome and helpfull VERY helpful
  • Hello, 
    I was wondering why should not the active matter be higher than 15%. I am formulating a natural shampoo and I would like to use coco glucoside. According to the raw material distributor, the range use is 30-45% and the active matter is 51-55%, so with the minimum amount I am already using 15%  of active matter.

    Kind regards and thanks for this disccusion, extremely helpful!

  • all I have for surfactants are polysorbate 20 and 80, SLSA, and decyl glucoside sodium lauroyl lactylate blend and I am looking to make a face wash.I also have cocamidopropyl betain
  • can anyone recommend if i can use any of these for face wash at 10%?? as I stated i only have coco betain, slsa and the decyl glucoside sodium lauroyl lactylate.. I have been reading on surfactants but the im not finding much on the decyl and sodium blend
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