Help with selecting equipment for small manufacturing setup

I am wondering if there are any manufactures or chemist with manufacturing experience here that would be willing to talk with me about some questions I have on finding/selecting the correct equipment for my needs. Or if not could someone point me in the direction I could find someone to consult with. 

I am looking for answers like the following.

I am currently using a double boiler method to melt shea butter but I need to do it in batches sizes of 10 gal. What piece of equipment is used to do this in manufacturing? 

Would this be the same piece of equipment that I could use when doing another formula that requires us to heat to 75c then cool to 40c before continuing? 

I am looking for a 15-25 gal mixing tank where can I find something like this and then what do I use to mix in a tank this size. Currently, we use a drill but what is a better option on this. 

What type of scale do you use for weighing out large batch quantities?     

Also are there any trade shows for cosmetic manufacturing? 


  • For tanks- if you are in the USA, give these guys a call. Best in the business

    It is honey equipment, but works just as well for other applications. Let them know Dirtnap referred you. They should be able to set you up with what you are needing. 

    You will not find industrial equipment, especially quality equipment, cheaply. Scaling up is costly, so if you are ready to make large batches, then you will need some large equipment.

    I use their bottling tanks with anti drip valve, and works perfectly for my application. They also make everything in house themselves.
  • We purchase from these guys:

    Very happy with the equipment, their service, and help.

    Dr. Mike Thair
    Cofounder & Chief Formulator
    Indochine Natural
  • Besides a bouble boiler,
    try to get forceful slow rotating (50 rpm or less) mixer with rubber skirts that scrapes the tank walls

    something that works like this just larger scale, of course

    if you can't find one, you can have a conventional stirrer customized to add rubber scrapers. Stainless steel is easy to weld. 
    Just make sure everything, including the nuts and bolts holding the rubber skirt, are made of stainless steel.

  • Thanks, guys for the feedback and providing some insight into this. I will check into all of this.  
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