Microcrystalline wax

Hello! Please help, I can not find in my country Microcrystalline wax, maybe I'm looking for something wrong, I called almost all the shops but there's nothing ... How can I replace Microcrystalline wax, or tell me what synonyms can be? The only wax that I found is for the preservation of wood and iron, but I think it's not quite what I need. Thank you in advance


  • You would get more help if you let everyone know which country you are in and what type of application you are using the wax for. 
  • What microcrystalline wax you use? 
  • I live in Ukraine, I plan to use it in creating hair styling products (pomades, clays, balms). I found information that petrolatum is a synonym for microcrystalline wax, is it so. If not, then what's the difference and where to find it? I found interesting formulas, but I can not test them by experience. I hope for your help, thank you very much in advance.
  • Can i change Microwax on Petrolum gelly? 
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    It has a different molecular structure so probably not. But I suppose it depends on what you are using the microwax for.
  • @BeardlyGentlemen, read about INCI names. Microcristalline wax is Cera Microcrystalina. 
    Microcrystalline wax is a hydrocarbon wax derived from petroleum
    Petrolatum is a North American term for petroleum jelly (INCI name Petrolatum)
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    But Microcrystalline Wax is not Petrolatum. Generally in the US Koster Keunen is a huge provider in the US.
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  • Thank you. Maybe someone can watch this link, this is our most big shop. 
    Is here is it? Maybe i cant find it.
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    You must be joking? It’s in russian.
  • No, i don't joke, i live in Ukraine, here all site on russian.
  • ukraine derived from Russia
  • No Ukraine is a separate independent country, but we have 90% websites in Russian.
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