Thickening Silicone & Other Oils

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Hi All

Hoping to get some ideas here - or be shot down in flames..... as the title says I would like to thicken oils, but I would like to know if this can be done to produce a crystal clear Anhydrous gel or jelly type end result.  What I want to do is achieve a cross between say a 'baby oil' gel type consistancy and a heavier lip gloss type product.  As usual it has to be all about shine - like patent type shine.

I have had lots of playing around making lovely thick buttery goop with oils and waxes, but I dont know if I'm barking up the wrong tree hoping for a crystal clear result. A fair while back I tried using some very high melt point "Gelled Mineral Oil" , for the life of me I cant remember the name sorry - think it was a RITA product. From memory it didnt incorporate well with silicones.

I'm open to using different products to get the end result, I have quite a few different silicones on hand to tinker with, polybutene etc But from my limited knowledge I cant see how I can get the clear gel. I did try some pre-thickened silicone gel but it had a mattifying effect.
The product I want has to be blindingly shiny, have enough slip to be easy to apply, be able to handle heat and some sweat without beading, not turn into a runny mess on a 40 degree day.... and still be clear.  
I'm sorry I cant be more specific, I know what I need in a tube but no idea what you would call it or if its possible to do.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Paula, you likley used Versagel from Calumet-Penreco before?  You are right, the polysioxane gums will thicken but always present a matte finish - OK for make-up primers, not so much for glossers. I seem to recall Seppic was recently peddling a silicone thickener; perhaps check their repertoire?.
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    In no particular order:

    Check out Zenitech products: 

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  • Sensient has wonderful ingredients you need:

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    I have used the GP-1 and EB-21 gelling agents (Bobzchemist's link above) to get crystal clear gel/silicone sticks (according to their literature, you must use a combination of both GP-1 and EB-21 to get clarity).You could try adjusting the use levels to get gels, although I do not know what would happen during stability testing.
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    @Bati The use of these 2 items (which have to be used in conjunction and as communicated to me by Ajinomoto) would shoot up the formulation cost. For a high end product it can be absorbed but for medium to low-priced products I guess other thickeners would be more handy (of course after optimization).

  • Hi all. Thought I should give an update for anyone looking at previous posts for Oil Thickeners. I havent yet finished all formulations as there are still several ingredients to try.
    But most successful so far (for my purposes) has been using a combo mix of Polyamides with a solvent and vegetable oils or hydrocarbons and or silicones. I have read elsewhere that these give a rather stiff/crumbly and not so elegant clear gel/stick, but loaded up with organo silicones it gave me a lovely feel with the clarity and structure close to what I need.

    Thanks everyone for your input and comments! very helpful and appreciated :-)
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